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 Employees who are injured in the workplace usually know whether their employer carries workers' compensation insurance, and that they can file a claim.  However, our Kansas City workers' compensation attorneys know that many workers who are injured in the course of performing their jobs do not receive the full benefits they deserve, simply because they do not know their rights.  In addition, the process of obtaining benefits is complex and confusing; when not done properly, your benefits could be delayed, or even denied.  By contacting a skilled and knowledgeable Cass County workers' compensation lawyer at the John Ryan Law Office, you can make certain that your rights are represented by a professional who knows the law, and who will work diligently on your behalf.

Our Cass County worker's compensation lawyers know that most employers carry this type of insurance so that legal issues (such as personal injury lawsuits) involving their employees can be avoided.  However, as an employee you must follow procedure and ensure every detail throughout the process is carried out properly, or you may be denied benefits.  When you have doubts or questions about how the process works, it's best to consult with a knowledgeable Kansas City workers' compensation attorney.


It's also important that you know there is a difference between being an actual employee and an independent contractor.  Only employees are covered by workers' comp insurance.  If you are an employee and have suffered an injury on the job, our Kansas City workers' compensation lawyers will help you with the application process, or in filing an appeal if your benefits have been denied.  Additionally, if you were injured while using defective or faulty machinery or equipment, you may have a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of that equipment.

The fact is, most employees who sustain injuries in the workplace do not know if they are in fact getting the full benefits they deserve.  An experienced Cass County workers' compensation attorney with our firm will make certain that you are getting the full extent of benefits, or help you understand the options so that you can maximize your claim.  You may also have many questions, or even be doubtful about filing a claim out of fear that your employer will terminate or resent you for taking action.  The fact is, when you have suffered an injury in the workplace, you deserve fair compensation.

At the John Ryan Law Office, our Kansas City workers' compensation attorneys are experienced, skilled and dedicated to protecting the rights of employees who are injured on the job.  Whether you have questions, need help with the application process, have been denied benefits and want to appeal or feel that you did not receive all of the benefits you are entitled to, contact us today.

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