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At the John Ryan Law Office, our Kansas City work accident lawyers understand that all too often, employees who are injured in the course of performing their job duties do not get the full compensation they deserve. While many employers carry workers' comp insurance, this does not guarantee that you will get all of the benefits you deserve.  When you have sustained an injury in the workplace, it is to your advantage to consult with a reputable Cass County work accident attorney.

Injuries can occur in all types of work environments, whether you are employed by a construction company, work in a manufacturing or production plant, or perform a desk job.  Many  injured workers have no idea that there may possibly be more than once source of compensation.  Our Cass County work accident attorneys know that not only may you be entitled to workers' comp benefits, you may be entitled to third-party compensation as well if your injuries were caused by machinery, equipment or even outside contractors who were working on your employers property.  When you have any doubt at all about whether you are getting the full compensation you deserve, it's best to discuss the situation with a competent Kansas City work accident lawyer.


What do our Cass County work accident lawyers do for employees who are injured in the workplace?  Besides addressing your questions and concerns, our attorneys will investigate all possible compensation sources.  We will work to ensure that you are getting the full workers' comp benefits you deserve, and to identify potential third-parties who may be held accountable in part or in full for the injuries you have sustained.

A trusted Kansas City work accident attorney with our firm understands that when serious injuries occur on the job, monetary recovery from third parties is often much greater than the benefits an employee receives through workers' compensation.  Many costs that are not covered by workers' comp may be covered in a third-party lawsuit, such as loss of future earning capacity, future medical expenses, lost wages, even compensation for pain and suffering.  This is why it is so important that you seek the guidance and support of our seasoned Cass County work accident attorneys right away when you have been injured at work.

At the John Ryan Law Office we realize that every year in the U.S. millions of employees are injured at work, and that thousands of these injuries are severe or even fatal.  Depending upon the circumstances in your own situation, you may be eligible for compensation through a workers' compensation claim, third-party personal injury lawsuit, or both.  Contact our Kansas City work accident lawyers today; we will work diligently to ensure you are fully compensated for costs related to your injuries.

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