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We all make mistakes; however, getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks can be a mistake with dire consequences.  At the John Ryan Law Office, our Kansas City DUI attorneys have the skill, experience and dedicated approach to protect the legal rights of those charged with driving under the influence.  Our primary objective is to have the charges against you dismissed when possible, or reduced so that the penalties you face are less damaging to your life.  If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, contact a capable Cass County DWI lawyer with our firm today.

You may be guilty or completely innocent of the charges against you.  Regardless, if you are convicted you face serious penalties, as DUI and DWI are criminal offenses.  Our Cass County DUI attorneys are aggressive and knowledgeable in this often-complex area of the law.  Whether it involves presenting a vigorous defense inside the courtroom or skilled negotiation with prosecutors, we can handle it.  When you choose a trusted Kansas City DWI lawyer with our team, you are choosing exceptional legal counsel - not an attorney who will simply walk you through a plea agreement and move on to the next client.

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 There is no doubt you will have many questions when you are arrested.  Will you lose your driving privileges, or be placed in jail?  How will your arrest affect your employment?  Our Kansas City DWI attorneys know that the penalties you face depend on several factors, including whether it is a first or subsequent offense, whether an accident resulted or someone lost his/her life.  Even a first offense is serious, as you will face stiff fines, license suspension and possible jail time if convicted.  It is critical that you consult with a competent Cass County DWI attorney before you speak to police or answer questions they may ask, as the saying "everything you say can and will be used against you" is absolutely true.

 Cass County DUI lawyers know there are several defense strategies and tactics that can be used to defend those charged with driving under the influence.  A police officer must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over.  Breath/blood tests must be administered and handled properly.  An arresting officer may have performed an illegal search of your vehicle.  Until proven guilty, you are innocent.  This is why it is so important that you allow a capable Kansas City DUI attorney to handle the legal issues for you.

 The fact is, being convicted on charges of DUI or DWI can ruin your career, reputation and relationships.  A criminal record will likely impact your employment possibilities or current career.  Your insurance premiums will increase, or your provider may decide to cancel coverage if you are a repeat offender.  Why take chances?  At the John Ryan Law Office, our Kansas City DWI lawyers are ready to fight for you.  Contact us today for vigorous and effective legal representation.

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