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As capable Kansas City DUI accident lawyers, we know that drinking and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is not only a crime, it is an extreme act of negligence.  At the John Ryan Law Office, we fight hard on behalf of victims of drunk or otherwise impaired drivers.  When you are in need of a Cass County DWI accident attorney who can get results, count on our team of skilled professionals.

Chances are the individual who was intoxicated and caused the accident that resulted in your injuries will be prosecuted and face penalties including fines, possible jail time, even license suspension.  However, this does not mean you will be compensated for costs associated with your injuries.  Our Cass County DUI accident attorneys work aggressively to ensure those who are injured in accidents caused by drunk drivers are fairly compensated.


Some of the costs you may face as a result of your injuries include medical expenses; lost wages, repair to your property, even future medical costs or income loss.  It is critical that you seek the services of a trusted Kansas City DWI accident attorney when you or a loved one have sustained injuries due to negligence.  While the defendant's insurance company may offer you a settlement, it is not likely the offer will come close to covering the expenses you will face.  Insurance companies are notorious for under valuing claims, although agents will offer you sympathy and act as though they are your best friend.

You are a victim, and should not be forced to pay for the negligent actions of another individual.  Nevertheless, experienced Cass County DWI accident lawyers know that the victim is often the one who is required to prove the guilt of the negligent party.  Unfortunately, Kansas City is an area where drunk driving is a very serious problem.  People often face life-changing or even fatal injuries as a result of those who make bad decisions and get behind the wheel in an intoxicated state.  Our Kansas City DWI accident attorneys know that unfortunately, victims often suffer serious injuries including traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, which can impact your life forever.

Driving under the influence is not the minor crime today that it was decades ago; it is a serious criminal offense, which is taken very seriously by lawmakers, MADD and other groups.  When you need a compassionate Kansas City DUI accident lawyer who will give your case the personal attention you deserve and work vigorously to ensure the best possible outcome, count on the capable team at the John Ryan Law Office.  

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